Microwave-assisted MOF@biomass layered nanomaterials: Characterization and applications in wastewater treatment

Reductive amination of phenol over Pd-based catalysts: Elucidating the role of support and metal nanoparticle size


Production of limonene from waste tires via catalytic fast pyrolysis: a statistical-based screening on Ni-, Pd- Co- and Fe-supported catalysts

Dataset on the reductive amination of phenolics with cyclohexylamine over Pd/C and Rh/C: Catalyst characterization and action performance

Dataset from analytical pyrolysis assays for converting aste tires into valuable chemicals

Effect of rejuvenating oil type on the synthesis and properties of alginate-based polynuclear capsules for asphalt self-healing

Carbon Aerogel-Supported Iron for Gasification Gas Cleaning: Tars Decomposition

Upcycling agro-industrial blueberry waste into platform chemicals and structured materials for application in marine environments.

Synthesis and Characterisation of Alginate-Based Capsules Containing Waste Cooking Oil for Asphalt Self-Healing.

Comparison of Raw and Torrefied Dichrostachys cinerea as a Fuel for Cogeneration Systems: A Life Cycle Assessment.

Elucidating the role of Rh/C on the pathways and kinetics of ketone-to-secondary amines reaction

Catalytic Pyrolysis of used tires on noble-metal-based to obtain high value chemicals: Reaction pathways


Power BI platform with data related to waste tires micropyrolysis using catalysts, single polymers, etc.

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One-pot amination of Cyclohexanone-to-Secondary amines over Carbon-supported Pd: Unraveling the reaction mechanism and kinetics

Valorization of Waste Tires via Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Using Palladium Supported on Natural Halloysite

Book Chapters in Sistemas de Biomasa y Bioenergía: Casos Ejemplares En Iberoamérica. Hacia la sustentabilidad bioenergética territorial

ISBN Nº 978-84-15413-40-0

Thermal behavior, reaction pathways and kinetic implications of using Ni/SiO2 for waste tire pyrolysis

Experimental protocol for the study of One-pot amination of Cyclohexanone-to-Secondary amines over Carbon-supported Pd

Pyrolytic oil from waste tyres as a promising encapsulated rejuvenator for the extrinsic self-healing of bituminous materials

Fast pyrolysis of raw and acid-leached sugarcane residues en route to producing chemicals and fuels: Economic and environmental assessments

Cleaner Production Implementation in a Cocoa Processing Plant in Ecuadorian Amazon

Biocapsules containing low-cost rejuvenators for asphalt self-healing

Effect of citric acid concentration on demineralization d pyrolysis of sugarcane residues analyzed by analytical pyrolysis

Facile photocatalytic immobilization strategy for P-25 TiO2 nanoparticles on low density polyethylene films and their UV-A photo-induced super hydrophilicity and photocatalytic activity

Resistance and induction of viable but non culturable states (VBNC) during inactivation of E. coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae by addition of H2O2to natural well water under simulated solar irradiation


Waste tires pyrolysis kinetics and reaction mechanisms explained by TGA and Py-GC/MS under kinetically-controlled regime

Carbothermic reduction of carbon aerogel-supported Fe during the catalytic decomposition of toluene

Tuning the product distribution during the catalytic pyrolysis of waste tires: The effect of the nature of metals and the reaction temperature

Chemoselective nitroarene hydrogenation over Ni-Pd alloy supported on TiO2 prepared from ilmenite-type PdxNi1−xTiO3

Self-cleaning and antimicrobial photo-induced properties under indoor lighting irradiation of chitosan films containing Melon/TiO2 composites

Microencapsulated Bio-Based Rejuvenators for the Self-Healing of Bituminous Materials

Coaxial Spinning of All-Cellulose Systems for Enhanced Toughness: Filaments of Oxidized Nanofibrils Sheathed in Cellulose II Regenerated from a Protic Ionic Liquid

Life cycle assessment of innovative insulation panels based on eucalyptus bark fibers

Self-cleaning and antimicrobial photo-induced properties under indoor lighting irradiation of chitosan films containing Melon/TiO2 composites

Effect of Metal Content on Ethanol Decomposition over Ni-Co Catalysts Supported on La-Ce Oxides

Photo-Fenton process at natural conditions of pH, iron, ions, and humic acids for degradation of diuron and amoxicillin


On the environmental and economic issues associated with the forestry residues-to-heat and electricity route in Chile: Sawdust gasification as a case study

Influence of citric acid leaching on the yield and quality of pyrolytic bio-oils from sugarcane residues

Inactivation of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae by photo-Fenton: Residual effect, gene evolution and modifications with citric acid and persulfate

Enhanced bimetallic Rh-Ni supported catalysts on alumina doped with mixed lanthanum-cerium oxides for ethanol steam reforming